• X5E Electrostatic Sprayer

X5E Electrostatic Sprayer

X5E Sprayer is a kind of professional ULV fogger, using high-power, high-speed serial motor to rotate the blades to generate high-speed rotary cutting airflow. At the same time, the solution which is pressurized according to a certain flow (adjustable), is sent to the confluence of a well-designed nozzle and high-speed airflow. Under the combined effect of the high speed rotary cutting airflow and special-structured nozzles, the solution is broken into very small fog particles and jetted along with high-speed airflow. Usually the diameter of the particles is 10-150 microns, and they can form high dense network and hang in the air for a long time, enabling full contact with various microorganisms to achieve the purpose of air disinfection.


X5E Electrostatic Sprayer

Voltage 110V/220V
Power 800W
Tank capacity 5L
Spray volume 470ml/min (adjustable)
Droplet size 10-150 μm
Spray distance 3-8 m
Wire length 5 m
Net weight 2.6 kg


1. Time saving–Powerful motor equipped enables high speed and long distance of spraying.
2. Better coverage & better disinfection–High pressure generates small spraying droplets which are evenly applied on the object and stay for a better disinfection rate.
3. Less chemicals used to save cost
4. With unique hose design, you can spray in all directions easily
5. With adjustable knob, droplets size can be easily controlled to meet different applications.


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