• High voltage control module of air purifier


Product Parameter

·Input: 100-264V  45-65Hz

·Output: DC 30KV

30KV high voltage technology electronic components
(active filter free purification)

Technical Principles

·The positive and negative electrodes are connected to tungsten wire and steel sheet respectively with an appropriate distance by using 30KV High Voltage.

·With the help of high voltage, tungsten wire releases a large amount of electric charge and collides with the particles in the air. The particles with negative charge move to the steel sheet with positive charge.

·The strong Coulomb force between positive and negative charges makes the flowing air produce ion wind, which kills the harmful substances in the air and adsorbs on the steel sheet, so as to achieve the effect of dust removal and air purification.


Used for air purifier.

Produce the active Oxygen: Anion can activate Oxygen in the air as effective, make it been flourish and easy absorb by human body. Of course, we can also use military grade special materials to ensure that ozone is not generated in the whole process

Sterilize function: Negative ion easy to adsorb on the mildew or on the germs. The particles with negative charge move to the steel sheet with positive charge. It can make the change for the structure or transfer the energy, so conduce them to die.

Clean smoke and dust: When the anion bring with the electronegative to counteract with the smog or dust (smog and dust are float in the air and bring some positive charge). can make it sediment by nature, mitigate the dangers from second-hand smoke.

Boost immunity up: Anion can activate the human body’s few kinds of enzyme and can accelerate the metabolism, and can activity enginery under reticulation skin or can build up human body immunity.

Ameliorate rest: Negative Oxygen ion can make people to be inspire with their spirt and increase work efficiency. Anion can ameliorate rest and have abirritation.

Our Advantages

Energy Saving

Most of the Air Purifiers on the market have a power above 120W, and our purifier has the unique advantage of super power saving. The maximum output power is only 12W, that’s to say, under the condition of uninterrupted use 24 hours a day, the yearly power consumption is only 103 degrees, which saves electricity and money, low power consumption and high energy efficiency.

Stronger dust removal and sterilization

Traditional purifiers mainly filter 0.3um pollution sources, but other pollutants, such as viruses, are basically smaller than 0.3um, and they can only intercept, but not kill, and then pollutants return to the air.

The pollution source captured now is 20 times smaller than 0.3um, reaching 0.0146um, which may be smaller than the smallest known circovirus (0.017um), and it is not only captured, but directly killed! Pure without leaving hidden dangers!

Easy to clean

The integrated steel plate design makes cleaning simple and easy. You only need to clean the dust-absorbing steel plate without replacing the filter. The steel plate can be cleaned repeatedly. There is no expensive filter consumable replacement during lifetime, saving much cost.

Without fan, more quiet

The new generation of air purifier is quieter than what you think.

No fan, scientific noise reduction system, sleep mode, completely, allowing the air purifier to live in harmony with people.

Factory & Facilities

8 SMT Lines

Material Preparation Area

7 Assembly Lines



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