• X1B Electrostatic Sprayer

X1B Electrostatic Sprayer

Electrostatic field is built between electrostatic spray and object by electrostatic technology.
Negative ion is transferred from charging electrode to liquid and liquid is sprayed through the nozzle to form tiny droplets under the function of DC electrostatic high voltage. The droplet has the same charge as the charging electrode through the movement which creats charged droplets. Micro charged droplets are adsorbed on the front and back of the object and on the hidden part and the deposition rate of liquid droplets on the surface of the target object is high, the dispersion is uniform, and the dispersion is small under the function of electrostatic field.
Electrically charged droplets of solution provide total and even coverage of a surface or subject including hard to reach areas and wrap completely around the object.


X1B Electrostatic Sprayer

Volatge DC18V
Maximum flow 1200ml/min
Tank volume 1000ML
Sound pressure (LPA) 76.13dB (A)   K=3dB
Battery capacity 4000 mAh
Working time 20 min
Charging time 1.5 h
Net weight 1.8kg

Product features

1. Wireless lithium battery design, makes it can be carried around. Large-capacity lithium battery is more durable. Uninterrupted working time exceeds 20 minutes;
2. High-quality all-copper motor, providing strong output power;
3. Adjustable spraying effect: A. vertical shape, suitable for the surface of horizontal objects; B. horizontal shape, suitable for the surface of vertical objects; C. circular cone shape, suitable for various side and corner positions;
4. Ergonomic handle: Comfortable to hold;
5. With high-quality metal copper nozzle, better atomization, metal valve core, durable;
6. Large heat dissipation air inlet: easily dissipate heat to ensure the service life of the machine;
7. With air inlet dustproof sponge, which can prevent dust from entering the machine and effectively protect the motor;
8. Easy disassembly of the gun head,by one-push-and-pull (Push the top clutch switch and pull out the head). Convenient and fast, easy to clean;
9. Electrostatic spray: The droplets are negatively charged, thereby increasing the surface adsorption activity, increasing the uniformity and coverage of the object surface.


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